October has become a month of fun-filled parties. Halloween is nearly as big as Christmas now. People decorate their yards with inflatables and lights. So much thought is given to parties. The foods, the games and the décor need to be perfect. And no one can forget the trick-or-treaters.

There are plenty of ideas to help you plan the perfect Halloween get-together. Try Pinterest sites like this one, https://www.pinterest.com/triangleamuse/halloween/, for some great ideas to get you started.

For a party with small children, suspend some donuts from the ceiling with string. Without using their hands, children must eat the doughnut. First one to eat the doughnut wins. You can also make a balloon wall shaped like a pumpkin. Fill the balloons with candy and confetti. Allow children to pop the balloons with a pencil. Candy and confetti will burst everywhere. Kids love this!

For a teen party ice-breaker use an empty Kleenex box. Cut a rectangular hole in the top and fill with ping pong balls. Tape the box to the back of guests. Now, crank up the music and have the kids see who can shake the balls out first. Be sure to video this hilarious game!

You can also fill a large box (like an appliance box) with paper bags that are stapled shut. Some of the bags have prizes like movie tickets, money, or lip gloss. Most of the bags are empty. Have the teens gather. On ‘Go’ the teens must grab bags and open them completely to discover a prize or a dud.

For adult parties, be sure to tape plastic spiders to your toilet paper in the guest bathroom. Always good for a scream! Serve shots in plastic syringes for a fun touch to your food and drink tables. Decorate the Jack-o-lantern with fruit kabob ‘hair’. Then, move the fun outside for a ghost hunt. Have guests look for ‘ghost prizes’ in the husks of the corn stalks. Movie tickets, gift certificates and money rolled and covered with white gauze are perfect ghostly gifts. Or they can search for gift cards in the straw bales.

Some inflatables with a bounce slide, or an inflatable Twister will take the party to new heights. Nothing is more fun that watching your friends go back to their youth. Be sure to have flickering flame-less candles set up to add that scary haunted house look.

Decorating for Halloween parties does not have to be expensive. Shocks of corn stalks are cheap, especially if you know a farmer. Balloons suspended from crepe paper can turn a hallway into a fun challenge. Be sure to tape up a crepe paper ‘laser challenge’ to the restroom. Put up a video camera to see your guests crawl and stretch to get to the bathroom.

The devil is in the details. Frozen ice hands (made from rubber gloves) will spice up the punch. Insert plastic bowls inside pumpkins for serving snacks. Little touches will make your p