Daffodils are poking up their heads. The grass is starting to turn green. Spring is in the air. Nothing shakes off the winter blues like warmer breezes and spring carnivals. And, somehow, you’ve been elected to plan the spring carnival. Somehow, you were elected to head the PTA event. Again.

So, what to do? Are you thinking of fun games for the children? The smell of popcorn in the air? Karaoke fun for adults and kids alike? Well, thankfully Triangle Amusements can help. For little girls, a princess castle bounce house is perfect fun. Boys will enjoy the stock car bounce house. The pro sport bounce house has giant baseball and basketball toppers on each corner.

The bounce houses of Triangle Amusements are made with safety in mind. Every house has mesh windows so that the parents can monitor the child while the kids play. It’s comforting as an event planner to know the kids will be safe.

Spring carnivals have so many children, though. A bounce house may not be sufficient to hold all of the children. There is nothing worse than having children waiting impatiently in line while the others are being rushed inside the bounce house. To prevent situations like this, consider renting a bounce house combo. Bounce house combos come with a slide so that children can enjoy the bounce house while others are slipping and bouncing down the slide. A great problem-solver!

Adults tend to get a little weary with all of the spring festival fun geared towards the kids. A karaoke machine will let the adults loosen up and have some fun, too. Kids will have a blast watching their parents try to sing along on a state-of-the-art karaoke machine with twin tower speakers and a 7” display. Host competitions to see who has America’s best carnival talent. Karaoke is not just for adults, though. Kids love to belt out their favorite tunes, too. This machine will have everyone laughing for weeks to come. It could even get you a photo in the year book.

When all of the bouncing, sliding and singing have caused your tummy to rumble, follow your nose to the buttery scent of fresh popcorn. Purchase our popcorn mix complete with salt and our bags for an authentic carnival experience. Keep the popper going, though. People are going to want more once they taste it.

Italian ice in a variety of flavors is also a great concession for spring carnivals. Yummy light ice, refreshing and cool, will have those over-heated little players chilling out in no time. Small cups are two dollars and the large ones are three. Perfect for any budget. Try some mango, grape, blue berry or watermelon. A great treat for kids. Adults looking for low-calorie treats will also be able to enjoy a cup of this guilt-free delight.  We can help with Italian ice as we partner with a local company to provide a discount if using us together!

So for the next spring carnival, party or family get-together, don’t forget Triangle Amusements. Call or visit our website to reserve one of our bounce houses.