The perfect family reunion is planned. The food for the grill is ready. Young cousins are reuniting and playing together. The bouncy castle is being inflated. And all of a sudden, thunder cracks in the clouds. The reunion becomes a race for cover.

Unfortunately, weather is an uncontrollable part of life. The best plans can be waylaid by high winds, rain and lightning…unless you go indoors. That’s right. Inside. Think about it. What bride plans her perfect outdoor reception without a backup plan for inclement weather? And what mom plans a birthday party without a ‘plan B’ in mind?

In fact, your party or reunion may be more fun inside. No ants or humidity to worry over. No wind whipping off the table cloths. And the inflatable will not have to be deflated due to thunderstorms. Bounce houses can be set up easily in an indoor space provided it is a large area. There is no reason to cancel the bounce house for rain. Just set the bounce house in the community center, or the gym.

Don’t let the extreme heat ruin the church homecoming. Move the food and the inflatable slide into the fellowship hall and let the happiness continue. Sand bags will anchor the inflatable…an added bonus! Moms can see their children while they set up food tables. And the children will be so thrilled with the fun that they will stay out from underfoot while plates are readied.

Corporate retreaters can blow off some steam and regroup while bouncing together. Feel young again. Get the juices flowing. Set up the bounce house in the warehouse and take life less seriously. People are more creative when they are happy and energetic.

But bounce houses are not limited to parties and reunions. A bounce house would be a great way for children’s hospitals to let sick children forget treatments and procedures for a while. A merry heart does good like a medicine! Most hospitals have large meeting and conference rooms which are perfect for a ‘bounce house treatment center’.

Don’t forget that wedding receptions are all about fun for the guest and families. A section of the wedding venue set aside for a bounce house will have children raving about this wedding. Photographers will not have to plead with the kids for a smile and pose. And mom and dad can even get in a romantic dance together, or share a piece of cake, without having kids tugging at their shirt tails because they are bored.

A bounce house is a great way to get exercise, to raise your heart rate, and to de-stress. And it is certainly not just for children anymore. ‘Dignified’ people are enjoying the benefits of a little jumping fun. And everyone likes to connect with their inner-child once in a while.

Whether outside or indoors, a wedding or a birthday party, corporate businessmen or playschool children, a bounce house can provide any event with fun and excitement.