The sales have started. Clothes, shoes and backpacks are being bought in anticipation of that first day of school. Kids are happy, anticipating seeing friends again, meeting new teachers and starting into sports programs. Other kids are downhearted, seeing summer vacation slip away, knowing it’s back to the grind. Either way, we can help!

A ‘back-to-school-bounce-house-party’ is sure to be a fun end-of-summer treat. Renting a bounce-house from Triangle Amusements is the perfect way to celebrate. Grab a few mothers from the neighborhood and split the cost. Throw in a popcorn machine and some shaved ice treats and you are ready to party.

Delivery and set-up is handled by Triangle Amusements. All you have to do is invite all of the kids in the neighborhood. You and the other mothers can sit back, satisfied, knowing that this party will help kids say goodbye to summer and ease into the school routine. And, boy, will the kids have something to talk about when they head back to class. ‘Did you go to Timmy’s bounce house party? It was amazing! I spent most of my time on the wet slide…’ Your party will be the talk of the school well into the school year.

Another great idea is to get your community civic group or church together for a bounce-house party. Have the princess castle for the girls and the stock car inflatable for the boys. Fresh buttery popcorn and shaved ice, along with slides for all ages- this is a great way for a community to come together. Adults could bring new backpacks, pencils, crayons and school supplies to be given away at the party. This is a wonderful way for a community to support those less fortunate. It is also a great way to get to know your neighbors while children meet new friends and renew old acquaintances before the school year starts. At the end of the party, hand out backpacks filled with school supplies to all of the children.

If you would rather have a family celebration, rent the slide with our colorful plastic balls, a bounce house and the karaoke machine and have a family back-to-school cookout. The smells of grilled burgers and popcorn will fill the air while Uncle Larry performs his rendition of ‘All My Rowdy Friends Are Comin’ Over Tonight’ on the karaoke machine. Be sure to bring your camera. Record Uncle Larry singing. Grab some shots of the kids bouncing down the slide. Video the whole event and play it back at Christmas or the next family gathering. It is sure to get some laughs and bring back happy memories.

The end of summer doesn’t have to be a sad occasion. With the help of Triangle Amusements of Holly Springs, you and your kids can bounce into autumn with fun and excitement. Reserve your bounce house, slides, shaved ice and karaoke machine today.

You will send those kiddies back to school with a smile. Let Triangle Amusements help you throw a great back-to-school party.