About Triangle Amusement

The concept for Triangle Amusements, Inc. was born because of our personal experiences at entertainment rental agencies. After years of apathetic managers and detached rental agents, we formed our business with the client in mind. We decided that our customers would be informed about the rental process by energetic and well-informed staff. Whether seeking to provide lasting memories, one-of-a-kind events or an atmosphere of excitement, not only will you appreciate our vast array of products, but you will find that our strategic planning for your event needs from inception to completion is second to none.  We are located in Holly Springs, NC and we like to pride ourselves as being the premier bounce house company in the area.

Triangle Amusements is a woman-owned business and each member of our staff prides themselves on the special attention, planning and knowledgeable support that they provide to every customer. (Go to our page to see our video blog to learn more about the woman behind Triangle Amusements).  Our customers range from schools, churches, and businesses to fundraising organizations, community groups and families.

Having raised and thrown parties for our own children and a host of young nieces, nephews and cousins over the years, we have first-hand knowledge on the type of undertaking it can be to strategize the best festivities with all the finest amusement activities.

We strive to obtain professionalism in the industry by continuing our efforts to consistently practice safe operations and educate ourselves in all aspects concerning inflatable operations and progressive safety measures as they evolve within the industry.

We understand the importance of maintaining insurance, keeping our equipment clean and in good repair, and educating our consumers in the safe practices required for the use of inflatable games.  At no time will we bypass any safety measures nor will we provide equipment that is unsafe in any manner.

Triangle Amusements pledges a safe and enjoyable experience to each and every one of our customers!

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